The Natural Aggregate has been producing music since 2014.

10000 Little Popstars EP

The debut release comprises five tracks that blend aspects of post-rock, downtempo and glitch music. Originally a university project, the EP is inspired by the character and attitudes of musicians, particularly vocalists, who study music in higher education.

The compositions on the EP tend to be harmonically static, offering little variety in the chord progressions. However, the focus on textures, timbres and creating space in the music gives the tracks a great deal of vibrancy.


Us For Now Remix

Red.Soul’s debut album was well received by hip hop audiences in London and Brighton. The success of the album led to a follow-up remix album for which The Natural Aggregate was invited to collaborate.

The Natural Aggregate’s remix of Us For Now is an awkward and noisy burst of energy, its torn edges stand in stark contrast to the other remixes on the album, which tend to adhere to long established electronic genres. The tracks analogue heat and full sound contrast with the controlled calm of previous work.


Plight // Reflection

The Natural Aggregate was invited to produce the original soundtrack for Plight, a 2015 short film written and directed by Lucy Bonnett.

Plight/Reflection is a composite single of two expanded compositions from the soundtrack. Plight – the theme for the film – features Rebecca Chew on lead vocals.


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