The next project is an exploration of cyberspace then and now, from the earliest notion of an interconnected world to the present-day online lifestyle.

Emotional Contagion on Facebook

Commentators both inside and outside of tech are critical of social networking sites and how they might be altering our behaviour. From misinformation to emotional contagion, critics from a range of fields are voicing their concerns about social media.


Neuromancer’s Cyberspace: the Right, the Wrong and the Ridiculous

These astonishingly accurate predictions are not only close, they’re near spot-on over a quarter of a century later.


The Origin of Cyberspace

It was third time lucky when William Gibson christened the online environment ‘cyberspace’. Blood red sharpie struck through ‘dataspace’ and ‘infospace’ scrawled above on a yellow legal pad; too bland, not fit for purpose.


State of the Aggregate

The State of the Aggregate, November 2017.


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New Post: A 2014 study by Facebook's Data Science team found that emotional contagion can occur on Facebook from textual content alone: