Video plays a role in most of The Natural Aggregate projects.

Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand is the title track from The Natural Aggregate’s debut release in 2014. The track is an impulsive and intricate assemblage, or aggregate, of synthetic sounds and sparse acoustic instruments.

In contrast to this, the video is a fixed time-lapse of a tidal estuary in rural England. From the low tide, the channel gradually swells to cover the silt riverbed and give life and movement to what had been a bleak setting.



Another track from the ‘10000 Little Popstars EP’, DIVAdiva is central to the idea behind the EP and delivers a wide sonic variety whilst remaining harmonically static. The chord progression is unchanged for the entirety of the song, except for four bars.

The video is a reworking of scenes from Plan 9 From Outer Space, a frankly bizarre science fiction film released in 1959.


Plight // Reflection

The Natural Aggregate was approached to produce the original soundtrack for Plight, a short film written and directed by Lucy Bonnett in 2015.

Two compositions from the soundtrack were expanded and released as a single the same year and featured here as composite single.


No Popstars Were Harmed

No Popstars Were Harmed is a video which complements the 10000 Little Popstars EP. It documents the production process and performances that helped create the record. The documentary showcases performances in the track-list order of the EP (for the most part) and progresses through the editing and mixing stages of the production.


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